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Pool Removal - What Homeowners Need to Consider Before Diving In

Swimming Pool Removal – What You Need to Consider Before Diving In

There are a couple of reasons to consider inground swimming pool removal. Maybe you just bought a house with a pool. You love the house, but pool maintenance is more than you want to handle. Or maybe your existing pool has outlived its lifespan, and it’s time to get rid of it. Whatever the reason, pool removal is no small task. Before you decide to have your pool removed, you should know what it entails. The first thing to know is that there are a couple of ways to do it.

Partial or Complete Pool Removal

The first step of swimming pool removal is to hire an experienced contractor to do the job. They will get a proper pool removal permit for the method they will use.

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Partial Removal 

The most commonly used method of inground swimming pool removal is to fill the pool, known as partial removal. With this method, the pool is drained, all utilities are disconnected, pool accessories removed, and the surrounding landscape is properly prepared to keep disruption to a minimum. Then demolition can begin.

Holes are punched in the bottom of the pool. The top layer, approximately 18 – 36 inches down from the pool’s edge, is also demolished. This will cause the pool to collapse on itself. If it is a concrete pool, the rubble from the demolition is typically left there to start filling the pool in. With a fiberglass pool, some of the rubble may need to be removed depending on local recycling policies.  

Soil stabilization material is put over the rubble to keep soil movement to a minimum as the pool is filled. The soil added to the pool is compacted, and if needed, more soil may be added and compacted. Once the partial removal is complete, most municipalities require a final inspection. When the removal passes inspection, homeowners can begin landscaping the soil to camouflage the removal.

Pros and Cons of Partial Removal

Partial removal is the quickest and least expensive way to remove a pool. That’s why it is the most popular. However, it does have a couple of drawbacks. Should you ever decide to sell your home, the swimming pool removal would have to be disclosed to prospective buyers and could impact the value of your home. Many municipalities consider the area where the removal took place to be unbuildable. This includes permanent structures such as additions to the home or detached dwellings. Sheds, concrete, and landscaping are still permitted.

With the rubble left behind and fill placed over the top of it, there is a chance that sinkage, swelling, or lack of proper seepage could occur. If the removal is done properly by an experienced professional, the chances are slim that this would happen.  

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Complete Removal

Complete swimming pool removal begins like a partial removal. The pool is drained, all utilities are disconnected, pool accessories removed, and the surrounding landscape properly prepared. The difference is that the entire pool (concrete or fiberglass) is demolished, and broken down into pieces that can be loaded in a dumpster and hauled away. Then the hole that is left behind is filled with gravel and/or soil and then compacted.

Pros and Cons of Complete Removal

A complete swimming pool removal will still have to be disclosed to potential buyers. However, it shouldn’t impact the value of your home should you decide to sell. Because none of the rubble is left behind, the chance of sinkage or seepage is extremely small.

With a complete removal, some municipalities still consider the areas unbuildable for permanent structures or dwellings. The final drawback to a complete pool removal is its cost. The extra demolition and the disposal of the rubble make a more expensive option.

Considering Swimming Pool Removal?

If you’re ready to have your pool removed, call Crest Construction Group. Swimming pool removal is just one of the many services we offer. We provide construction and facilities maintenance service throughout the Greater New Jersey And Eastern Pennsylvania areas. We also offer site work and utility services, new construction, and structural repairs and evaluations. So if you’re ready to dive into swimming pool removal or any of our other services, contact us today!

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