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House Demolition - Why Contractors Should Subcontract Demolition

House Demolition Companies – Why Consider Sub-Contracting

To make way for new home construction there is often an old structure that needs to be torn down. Many construction companies take on the task of house demolition themselves. While it may seem like a way to streamline the construction process, demolition can be extremely dangerous. It requires a highly skilled team to complete the demolition safely. Today, design/build process focuses on keeping all aspects of the construction under one roof. However, if the project includes demolition and there are no demolition specialists on the team, it’s time to consider subcontracting that part of the project. Professional house demolition companies provide numerous benefits that make sub-contracting the best option for a few reasons.

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Experience and Safety

As we’ve already alluded to, house demolition is not a job for amateurs. A construction crew may be experts at building a house but taking one apart is completely different. A demolition company will arrive on the job with the skill and experience necessary to complete the project safely.


Although the requirements vary from state to state, professional house demolition companies will be licensed. Most states require either a Class A or Class B demolition contractor’s license. Class A allows you to demolish any structure, and Class B is only valid for demolishing structures with three stories or less. Many states also require that one individual on the team be the designated site demolition, safety manager. This requires 30 hours of OSHA-approved training.


On any construction project, time is of the essence. There are deadlines for every part of the project. One missed deadline and the whole project could run over schedule, incurring additional labor costs. Experienced demolition companies will not only get the job done safely but also efficiently. They will evaluate and execute a house demolition project much quicker than a construction crew would. 


Along with their skill and experience, house demolition companies will have all of the proper equipment. It takes more than a sledgehammer and a crowbar. Demolishing a structure requires specialized tools and equipment that a normal construction crew won’t have. These typically include excavators with special attachments such as shears, pulverizers, and grapples. Articulated trucks, backhoes, and other loaders are also commonly used in demolition.

Waste Management

Once the demolition process is complete, the debris must be hauled away. This involves more than just loading it all into trucks and hauling it away. Some materials must be disposed of differently than others. Professional house demolition companies will know which materials are considered recyclable, such as wood and certain types of metals. Toxic materials, such as asbestos, are often found in older structures. These must be removed carefully and disposed of properly at designated waste management sites.

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Site Clean Up

Once house demolition is complete, and the debris hauled away, the demolition crew’s work isn’t done. Before any new construction can begin, the job site must be thoroughly inspected for any remaining debris like shards of metal, glass, or toxic materials. Following the inspection and removal of any remaining demolition debris, new construction can begin.

Professional House Demolition

Ready to sub-contract house demolition on your next construction project? Look no further than Creat Construction Group. We can handle house demolition with the utmost professionalism and safety, allowing new construction to begin on a properly cleared site and on time. Demolition is only one of the many services we offer. Our team can handle everything from site work and facilities maintenance to new construction and structural repairs. Contact us today for your next construction project.

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