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Commercial Drain Cleaning services

The Benefits of Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

If you own or manage a commercial facility, you may have already experienced how disruptive drainage issues can be to daily operations. Clogged drains or damaged pipes that carry wastewater away from your business can cause it to back up into your building and create numerous hazards. The best way to prevent this from happening is to schedule regular commercial drain cleaning services. Professional drain cleaning services can keep your drains flowing properly. Routine maintenance and inspections can also help identify problematic issues before they disrupt your business.

Remove Build-Up

No matter what type of business is housed in your facility, over time sludge will build up in your pipes. Without regular commercial drain cleaning to get rid of it, the sludge can restrict wastewater flow and eventually lead to your facility’s drains backing up. 

This will cause wastewater to flood into your facility, disrupt business, and create health hazards and potential damage. It will also put stress on your sewer pipes. That could lead to cracked or broken pipes As a result, wastewater could seep into the surrounding environment and contaminate your groundwater.. Professional machine cleaning will eliminate the build-up of sludge and keep your drains flowing properly.

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Address Root Intrusion

Tree roots can also wreak havoc on your facility’s sewer pipes. The roots are drawn toward your pipes because they are full of water and nutrients the trees thrive on. Tiny tendrils will work their way in between pipe joints and begin to collect debris like toilet paper and other solid waste.  

Eventually, the accumulation of waste trapped on the tree roots will cause a blockage and wastewater backup. Commercial drain cleaning services will use an auger, water jetting, or other types of drain cleaning methods to cut through tree roots and flush them out. 

If tree roots in your drainage system are left unchecked, they will cause a blockage. They could also severely damage your sewer pipes. This will, again, allow wastewater to contaminate the surrounding groundwater.

Avoid Biohazards

Drainage backups or sewer line leaks are the inevitable results of neglecting regular commercial drain cleaning. Both will lead to biohazards that will endanger the health of those working in your facility, shut down operations, and bring about hefty fines for code violations and groundwater contamination. Depending on the extent of pipe damage and contamination, your facility could be shut down for months, and the cost of repairs and remediation could skyrocket. If any of your employees fall ill from biohazard exposure, you could also be facing personal injury lawsuits.

Need Commercial Drain Cleaning Services?

It’s easy to see that commercial drain cleaning services are a necessary investment. In addition to making sure your drains are working properly, a professional commercial drain cleaning contractor will conduct a video inspection of your drains and sewer pipes. They will identify and address any problems before they become major repairs.

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Call the Professionals

Crest Construction offers commercial drain cleaning services, system maintenance, and video inspections as well as numerous other utilities maintenance services to keep your system functioning properly, your employees healthy, and prevent the disruption of daily operations. In the case of an emergency, we will respond promptly, make the necessary repairs, and get your service restored as quickly as possible.

Our team of professionals provides commercial construction, site work, structural evaluations, repairs, and property maintenance services throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Contact us today for all your commercial construction and utilities maintenance needs.

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