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Asphalt & Concrete

Quality Commercial Asphalt & Concrete Construction

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Crest Construction provides quality commercial asphalt and concrete services with strict attention to detail. For all your asphalt and concrete construction needs from initial installation to repair, resurfacing and reconstruction,
contact Crest Construction.

Professional Asphalt & Concrete Construction


No matter what the size of the project, Crest Construction can handle all your commercial asphalt paving and maintenance services. In addition to the initial paving of new parking lots, driveways and more, our services include repairs, resurfacing, reconstruction and asphalt grinding. Our paving experts will review the materials required for your project and recommend the use of alternative materials when appropriate.

Our goal is to maximize your asphalt pavement project with the most cost effective solutions possible. If you are experiencing a pavement failure, we have the expertise to correctly identify the cause and recommend the most effective solution.

The condition of your driveways and parking lot have a significant impact on your customer’s perception of your business. A well-paved surface free of potholes or cracks not only shows that you take pride in the appearance of your business but shows your concern for the safety of your customers and their vehicles. Let Crest Construction ensure that all your asphalt surface are well maintained and safe.


One of the most commonly used construction materials is concrete. Our experienced team can provide a variety of concrete construction services including flat work, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters as well as handicap ramps and loading docks. From site work and formwork to placement and finish work, Crest Construction can handle all your commercial concrete needs.

There are a few key differences between concrete and asphalt surfaces that a business owner or property manager may want to take into consideration when choosing between the two. When properly installed concrete can be more durable than asphalt when used in certain applications. Also, because of its light color, a concrete surface will naturally be brighter than one constructed with asphalt and require less lighting.

The Crest team will evaluate your project and recommend the most cost effective materials to provide you with a quality finished product. Whether it is new site work or concrete repair and replacement, Crest Construction has got you covered. 

Benefits of Professional Asphalt & Concrete Construction

Hiring Crest Construction to Handle Your Asphalt & Concrete Projects Provides Multiple Benefits.

We combine our experience with our commitment to quality workmanship, allowing us to deliver a superior finished project.

Well maintained asphalt and concrete surfaces help create safe and attractive spaces that provide a comfortable work environment and attract more business.

Our goal is to provide you with quality asphalt and concrete construction that enhances your facility and satisfies your budget.

Our asphalt and concrete services will keep your commercial space in great shape while allowing you to spend more time taking care of business.

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