Structural Repair

Crest Construction Group LLC uses the latest technology and methods (including helical piers) to evaluate and repair your building. We can evaluate your situation, execute the repair and restore your building to its previous state. We can complete the project full circle from design through completion unlike other companies that might just repair your foundation or install your helical system and leave you with a mess to clean up.

New Construction

New Construction Building in questionable soils is a risk very few are willing to take. New construction piles are the fastest and most cost-effective method of eliminating the possibility of future foundation settlement. Even in urban environments where access is an issue, helical piles can be installed with minimal disturbance and no vibration that might affect adjacent structures.

Sinking Foundations

Sinking foundations are a common structural problem in areas where unstable soils are present. There are many causes, but if you are noticing cracked walls, doors and windows that stick or won’t open, or a drop in your foundation, your home might be a good candidate for underpinning with helical piles. Construction Group professionally-trained specialists can assess your home and recommend a solution. Usually the problem is not as severe as it seems, but the trick is (like most things) to catch it early before it becomes a bigger problem. Underpinning is a quick and permanent solution to a sinking foundation. These systems are designed, tested, and proven economical solutions for applications in expansive soils, high water tables, fill areas, and other areas where unstable soils require specialized support.

IDEAL Certification – https://crestconstructiongroup.box.com/s/awfsvx4yhmy9wya9ezwz